LogYcode Tech Solutions

As Mark Andreessen would say, “software as a service is eating up the world.”As more and more businesses warm up to software services, the software-as-a-service industry continues to grow fast.

LogYcode is a user-friendly business application that provides real-time insight need to deliver higher customer satisfaction.By bringing domain expertise, strategic thinking, and certified talent pool we deliver simple technology solutions for complex business issues.

Tips to create a successful business

1. Follow KISS (keep it simple, stupid) : products are often self served, and as such need to be self explanatory, simple, clean and highly intuitive. Sales and marketing collateral need to highlight value, return on investmen

2. Be committed to customer's success : We want you to get the most value from our continuous innovations that is why we offer dedicated experts and 24x7 customer support services.They serve as advocates who consider your goals and leverage the right Infor software features and resources to help you accomplish your objectives.

3. Show a path to profitability : The path to profitability is a clearly defined route to profitability. Our Product describe in your business plan.The path to profitability is often outlined in your company vision, often using forecasted or projected figures and milestone markers that the firm is aiming to achieve in the future.

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